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Fancy Tables for Candles

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I've been slowly working on making the pages for candles & updating pages that need candles included. I've been wanting to add candles to the handicraft list but candles need to be added to the wiki Data so that they'll be formatted correctly. Not quite sure how to go about this, so just tossing up this discussion.

I'll be maker the higher tier candles tonight for their flavor text, and then I'll finally make the pages for the Fine/Finest candles. But then all the data should be collected, and I can try (?) and make them into a semi pretty table instead of the ugly pages they are now.

Also, if anyone is making a Handicraft Training Guide, the new candles are good products to make. Fine/Finest Candles are rank 5/1 goods and are 'easy' to make, there's just a sizeable gold investment.

Voidsiren (talk)15:57, 27 November 2018

I took care of the data templates for those candles for now (You can check the related pages and histories to see how this is done)
As for the Handicraft guide, I can't find where it is at the moment, but I assume it would require a proper rewrite as it is likely quite outdated.

Snowie (talk)05:27, 30 November 2018