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Blue Shield and Blue Shield (Player Perk) don't actually increase the pet's master's MDEF and MPROT

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According to both the in-game text (from skill details button) as well as within the Blue Shield page's details on the wiki, it's written that the Blue Shield also applies Magic Defense and Magic Protection to the pet's master. I tried this with a pet and my Magic Defense and Magic Protection were unchanged when the pet was using Blue Shield. I was a bit disappointed, for I got the perk with the expectation I could up my own MDEF and MPROT a little. Perhaps we should add some disclaimer to the Blue Shield pages, stating this doesn't affect players, despite the in-game details text.

XxSWxX (talk)16:59, 13 October 2020

That description only appears once in-game like that and I'm fairly certain that they meant to type "master's pet" and not "pet's master." I've noted the error, but anyone who thinks it apt can add a Trivia section explaining how the in-game text suggests erroneously that the player gets a benefit too.

Lint (talk)10:19, 17 October 2020