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"Auctions" Disambiguation

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Tara Auctions
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I never hear ppl call the Tara auctions an "auction house" so I think calling it just "Auction House" should be find, and won't obscure the auto-complete.

If someone could run thru Special:WhatLinksHere/Auction this and change them all to Tara Auction or Tara Auctions instead that would be great. I cleared out all links to Auctions and redirected it to a disambiguation page, now. For now I just called the link there Auction House but if someone really wants to change it, that's fine, as long as the first word is Auction imo. This is the title of the window for it in-game, too, so it makes the most sense to me.

To whoever makes that page, you can use {{for|the Tara auction house|Tara Auctions}} at the top of the page just in case.

11:10, 8 April 2018