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Shopkeeper's Sale: Homestead Refreshments and Hotdays!

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Shopkeeper's Sale: Homestead Refreshments and Hotdays! Advertisement
September 9th 2021, 7:00 AM PDT - October 7th 2021, 6:59 AM PDT


To celebrate the release of the Homestead Update, we have added new Homestead Expansion Permits! Make your Homesteads even bigger with the Stage 4, Stage 5, and Stage 6 Homestead Expansion Permits! Partners can now be placed inside your Homestead, so be sure to stock up with the Partner sale! Additionally, be sure to log into your characters every week for a Hotday event! Check out the details below.[1]

Homestead Expansion Permits

Note: The Homestead Expansion Permits will remain purchasable after the sale has ended.

Item Price
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 4) 3,500 NX
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 5) 3,500 NX
Homestead Expansion Permit (Stage 6) 3,500 NX
  • Homesteads that are Level 14 or higher can be expanded in size using Homestead Expansion Permits.
    • Each Expansion Permit will increase the size of the Homestead.
      • Homestead Expansion Permit Stage 4: 75x75
      • Homestead Expansion Permit Stage 5: 83x83
      • Homestead Expansion Permit Stage 6: 91x91
    • Each Permit can only be used on a Homestead once.
    • Each Permit (past Stage 1) requires the previous Stage Permit to be used on the Homestead.

Partners and Accessories

Item Original Price Sale Price
Laighlinne Partner 17,900 NX 9,900 NX
William Partner 17,900 NX 9,900 NX
Commerce Partner 17,900 NX 9,900 NX
Maid Partner 17,900 NX 9,900 NX
Butler Partner 17,900 NX 9,900 NX
Maid & Butler Package 30,000 NX 15,000 NX
Partner's Magical Broom 5,000 NX 2,750 NX
Partner's Noble Carriage 5,000 NX 2,750 NX
Partner Mount Package 10,000 NX 5,500 NX
Partner's Long Boat 6,900 NX 3,800 NX
Partner Trade Unlock Potion 2,900 NX 1,450 NX

Note: Partners are created on specific servers. Make sure you select the correct server on creation so that your characters can meet up with your new Partner!

Homestead Update Hotday Events

  • Log in during the event period to receive rewards to celebrate the Homestead update!
  • Any character on the account can claim the rewards but you can only claim them once.
  • Each Special Gesture Box will give one item from the list according to each one's drop rate.

Week 1

Period: September 9th, 7:00 AM PDT - September 16th, 6:59 AM PDT

Week 2

Period: September 16th, 7:00 AM PDT - September 23rd, 6:59 AM PDT

Week 3

Period: September 23rd, 7:00 AM PDT - September 30th, 6:59 AM PDT

Week 4

Period: September 30th, 7:00 AM PDT - October 7th, 6:59 AM PDT