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Adventures in Paper Flipping

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Adventures in Paper Flipping
April 29th, 2021 - May 20th, 2021


Join Caravan Joe in a new paper flipping game! Use the Paper Flip Ad Board to challenge opponents and become stronger. Can you beat the Legendary Paper Flip Master and become a legend yourself? Check out the details below.[1]

Event Details

  • During the event, you will receive the quest, [Guide] Famous Paper Flip Master.
  • You will receive a daily quest, Endless Training (Daily), every day.
    • Completing the daily enough times will allow you to challenge Caravan Joe NPCs for more rewards.
    • Participate in 3 games of Paper Flip to complete the daily, earning 20,000 EXP and 2,000 Gold.
  • The event resets daily at 7:00am PDT100.

Paper Flip Information

A Paper Flip Battle
  • Right-click and Use the Paper Flip Folding Instructions to create either Paper Tile (Event), Newspaper Tile (Event), or Calendar Tile (Event).
    • These kits are given to you every 30 minutes, real time.
    • Paper Tiles have average stats, Newspaper Tiles have a strong defense, Calendar Tiles have a strong offense.
    • 10 of the same Tile can be traded with Paper Flip Prince Caravan Joe to obtain a Golden Tile (Event).
      • Golden Tiles are the strongest of the four Tiles.
      • Golden Tiles are recommended against some of the more difficult NPC battles, as these battles can be extremely tough to defeat with lesser Tiles.
    • Both kits and the Paper, Newspaper, and Calendar Tiles will be deleted every day login after 7:00am PDT100.
      • In contrast, Golden Tiles will not be deleted until the end of the event.
  • Right-click and Use the Paper Flip Ad Board to find opponents, similar to the Rock Paper Scissors Match Book.
    • In a Paper Flip battle, players can choose to Attack ("A" Key) or Defend ("D" Key).
      • Attacking deals damage to your opponent.
      • Defending reduces your opponent's damage on their immediate turn; if successful your next turn will also have increased damage.
      • The player only has a few seconds during their turn to make their decision.
    • The goal is time your Attack or Defense as close to the red zone as possible to maximize damage.
      • Timing it perfectly will fill one your grey orbs; this turns it red, increases your damage, and shrinks your red zone.
        • This effect stacks up to 3, where a successful perfect will cause a critical attack to occur. This removes all orbs.
        • Not hitting the red zone will remove all filled orbs at any time.
    • The loser is the player with the least amount of health at the end of all 30 turns (15 for both players).
      • Running out of health automatically causes a player to lose.
    • Participating in a battle rewards 1 Paper Flip Participation Reward Box.


  • [Guide] Famous Paper Flip Master
  • Endless Training
  • Beginning of a Paper Flip Legend
  • Best Tiles in Town
  • Paper Flip Prince of the Realm
  • Legendary Paper Flip Master


Daily Quest Completion Count Rewards

Caravan Joe NPC Battle Rewards

Paper Flip Participation Reward Box


  • During the event's battles, a special 8-bit version of Glas Ghaibleann's battle theme would play.