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===Possible [[Fine Onyx]] stat bonuses===
===Possible [[Fine Onyx]] stat bonuses===
*+1~10 Max Damage
*+1~10 Max [[Damage]]
*+1~10 Min Damage
*+1~10 Min [[Damage]]
*+1~10 Max Injury Rate
*+1~10 Max [[Injury]] Rate
*+1~10 Min Injury Rate
*+1~10 Min [[Injury]] Rate
*+1~10 Defense
*+1~10 [[Stats|Defense]]
*+1~10 [[Magic Attack]]
*+1~10 [[Magic Attack]]
*+1~10 Magic Defense
*+1~10 [[Magic Defense]]
*+1~10 [[Music Buff Duration]]
*+1~10 [[Music Buff Duration]]
*+1~20 [[Chain Blade]] Max Damage
*+1~20 [[Chain Blade]] Max Damage
*+1~20 [[Chain Blade]] Min Damage
*+1~20 [[Chain Blade]] Min Damage
*+1~20 Fire Alchemic Damage
*+1~20 [[Fire Alchemy|Fire Alchemic]] Damage
*+1~20 Wind Alchemic Damage
*+1~20 [[Wind Alchemy|Wind Alchemic]] Damage
*+1~20 Water Alchemic Damage
*+1~20 [[Water Alchemy|Water Alchemic]] Damage
*+1~20 Earth Alchemic Damage
*+1~20 [[Earth Alchemy|Earth Alchemic]] Damage
*+1~20 [[Knuckle]] Max Damage
*+1~20 [[Knuckle]] Max Damage
*+1~20 [[Knuckle]] Min Damage
*+1~20 [[Knuckle]] Min Damage

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Inventory icon of Wanderer's Amulet

2 × 2
Stack: 1

A special totem to which abilities can be added through enhancement. You'll gain a boost to your stats if you carry it in your inventory. By putting in Regular or Fine Gem Powder or an Onyx, you'll have a chance to fortify your choice of stats. When you've reached the max number of possible enhancements, you can then add one additional stat by putting in a Fine Onyx. Fine Onyx gemstones can be found during the fragmentation process. The amulet's effects will only be applied if you right-click it and select 'Activate'. (The effects of regular totems can be stacked, but Amulets' effects cannot be stacked)


  • Use Onyx, Regular Gem Powder, or Fine Gem Powder to add basic stats, up to 25 attempts.
    • Each stat roll will be added to the existing stat bonuses.
    • A fail counts as an attempt.
  • After 25 attempts, use Fine Onyx to add one stat bonus.
    • The new roll replaces the existing roll.
    • This roll cannot fail.
    • This stat can be rolled three times.
  • Can be fragmented into Fine Onyx with a dry oven.
    • Success rates based on rank of Fragmentation and related titles/enchants.

Possible Onyx stat bonuses

If enhancement is a great success, 2x stats will be applied.

  • +2 STR
  • +2 INT
  • +2 DEX
  • +2 WILL
  • +2 LUCK
  • +2 HP
  • +2 MP
  • +2 STAM

Possible Fine Onyx stat bonuses

Method to Obtain