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* [[Monsters]]
** [[Animal]]
*** [[Coyote]]
*** [[Wolf]]
*** [[Bird]]
*** [[Spider]]
** [[Hominid]]
*** [[Fomor]]
**** [[Goblin]]
**** [[Kobold]]
**** [[Imp]]
**** [[Other]] (Lycanthrope, nightmare humanoid, succubus, siren, etc)
** [[Undead]]
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*** [[Objects]] (notice board, pole, etc]
==='''Tir Chonaill'''===
Tir Chonaill is a village situated in northeastern basin surrounded by low mountains. Establishment of the settlement dates back historically to descendants of Parthalons, who originally founded the Kingdom of Uladh.
Precipitation is high due to obstruction of a clear flow of moist air in face of Mourne Mountains. Climate is comparable to similar settlements in high altitudes.
While wheat and barley plantations are notably conspicuous, cool weather and regular rainfall have stunted the growth of agriculture. Instead, management of livestock keeps the town's infrastructure afloat.
Since granted limited sovereignty by the kingdom, Tir Chonaill has been led by town chiefs.
Dugald Aisle offers the only outlet to the main, and due to the steep acclivity of the terrain, little traffic exists in and out of the town. Thus, the village naturally developed to be largely self-sufficient.
Adellia Stream, from which most of the townspeople derive their drinking water, flows downwards from melting glacier and snow in Moonhide Valleys.
An intriguing legend envelopes the stream. The name 'Adellia' purportedly finds its origin in a story of a priestess who lost her life in a strife between Fomors and residents of Tir Chonaill. In recognition of her bravery, the stream was named after her.
[[Image:IMap TirChonaill060208-2.gif]]
We're currently making little use of our uploaded maps. Something similar to this could be uploaded.
=='''What else?'''==

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