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Sliab Cuilin

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For the Shadow Realm counterpart, see Sliab Cuilin (Shadow).
Sliab Cuilin


A hill that connects the Dugald Aisle with Taillteann. You can enter this area through the Ulaid Forest of Dugald Aisle. It is surrounded by steep mountains and hills, and is a throughway to Tailiteann.[1]

Sliab Cuilin is a passageway between Dugald Aisle and Taillteann full of hills and steep mountains. The Stone Quarry at the southernmost point of Sliab Cuilin can be mined for Low-Grade Cuilin Stones (58.3% chance of obtaining), Common Cuilin Stones (25%), and Earth Crystals (16.7%).

Cuilin Residential Town is located near the northernmost part of Sliab Cuilin. Although, it is not officially marked on the world-map.


Statue icon.png Byrun Spawn Point
Sliab Cuilin.jpg

Local Monsters