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*Each doll gives <b>''different''</b> reward items.
*Each doll gives <b>''different''</b> reward items.
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! colspan="4" | Juju Doll Exchange
! width="160" | Area
! width="160" | Area

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Portrait of Juju Doll
Juju Doll
Race Marionette
Gender N/A
Occupation Talking Marionette
Location Tir Chonaill Eastern Pasture
Dunbarton Rabbie Dungeon entrance
Emain Macha North-Eastern Moongate


  • The Juju Dolls were a set of 3 NPCs present during the Moonlight Dreams Event.
  • They were constructed by Gillach and empowered to prevent the spread of the mysterious dark curse energy.
  • The Juju Dolls exchange Divine Holy Water for rewards.
  • Every Juju doll offers teleportation service (using the Go command) to the other Juju Dolls and back to Dunbarton:


  • Players may offer Divine Holy Water to the Juju Dolls, who will respond by giving reward items.
  • The dolls have the option to exchange either 1 or 5 Divine Holy Water at once, giving 1 or 5 times the reward items respectively.
  • Each doll gives different reward items.
Juju Doll Exchange
Area Icon Item Description
Tir Chonaill Juju Doll Premium Chest.png Onyx Box Contains an enhancement item that can be inserted into an amulet for additional stats.
Dunbarton Juju Doll Purified Ore.png Purified Ore Sell to an NPC to gain Exploration EXP
Emain Macha Juju Doll
Available from 10.31.2019
Golden Experience Fruit.png Golden Experience Fruit (40%) Consume to gain EXP