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! 51+
! 51+
! more than 10
! more than 10
| 17810 g || 4800 || '''[[Finest Handmade Ballista Bolt]]s x10'''<br>[[Poison Herb]] x10<br>[[Lightning Warrior's Helmet]] x1 <br> [[Hebona Shoes]] x1|| '''[[Golden Herb]] x10'''<br>Enchant Scroll ([[Burst Warrior]]) x1 <br>[[Finest Leather]] x1 <br>[[Arbalest]] x1
| 17810 g || 4800 || '''[[Finest Handmade Ballista Bolt]]s x10'''<br>[[Poison Herb]] x10<br>[[Lightning Warrior's Helmet]] x1 <br> [[Hebona Shoes]] x1 <br> [[Thames Plate Boots]] x1|| '''[[Golden Herb]] x10'''<br>Enchant Scroll ([[Burst Warrior]]) x1 <br>[[Finest Leather]] x1 <br>[[Arbalest]] x1

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Basic Info

File:Two-person Balloon.jpg
A two-person balloon.

A hot air balloon kit may be purchased from Kelpie in Zardine. There are two kinds:

  • The small kit costs 650 g and can only carry two riders.
  • The large kit costs 3,420 g and can carry up to 8 riders. It also has ballistae that players may use to shoot ballista bolts, which are also bought at Kelpie.

Pets cannot be summoned when in the balloon, or taken aboard.

Flying Details

File:Balloon in flight with fuel bar.jpg
The balloon in flight and almost out of fuel.
Hot Air Ballooning.png
  • Right-click the kit and select "Use" to create the balloon.
  • To get on the balloon, simply click on it. To get off, simply click anywhere outside the balloon.
  • Once made, you will notice a yellow bar that looks like a stamina bar over the balloon, as well as an HP bar.
    • The yellow bar is the fuel, and it will deplete at a steady rate. To keep the balloon going you must supply fuel before it runs out.
      • The Fuel will deplete even if the balloon is on the ground and/or not in use.
      • You may purchase 5 Flint stones for 5,260g at Kelpie. However, if it is raining in Zardine, you can mine for Flint in rocks by the volcano, but only while the weather persists.
        • Simply drag and drop Flint stone onto the stone above the steering wheel to add fuel.
          • If you fail to keep the fuel up, when it runs out, the balloon will simply float gently to the ground right below where it is. Then it will disappear, forcing the player to buy another balloon if he/she wants to fly again.
    • While the Balloon is landing via the "Land" command or the fuel running out, the Wyverns will continue to shoot, although the shots will only hit you when you are holding onto the steering wheel.
    • The HP bar reduces when the balloon is attacked by Wyverns. It cannot be recovered in any way. When the HP runs out, the balloon will break and all players riding it will fall immediately to the ground.
    • The damage done to the balloon is based on the amount of damage the riders take. So, wearing full elemental enchants of the same type as the Wyverns' attacks, thus rendering their damage to you to 1, successfully negating the odds of the balloon getting destroyed.
      • However, this cannot be done if using ballistae due to the fact that the ballistae will mask over into the hand slots.


Balloon Controls.png
  • Click on the steering wheel in the center of the balloon to begin flying. Your character will start steering and be unable to use any other skills.
  • A steering controls window will open up (seen at the left).
    • The up arrow increases your height. You must click and hold it to increase altitude.
    • The down arrow decreases altitude in the same way.
    • To choose where to fly, you may click on the ground (difficult to do when you're at high altitudes) or click on the minimap.
  • Your character's stamina will steadily decrease while steering.
  • Once you've set the location and the balloon is flying, you may stop steering at any time and let the balloon go on its own.

Balloon PvP

It is possible to engage in Elf/Giant-Paladin/Dark Knight PvP while flying in a hot-air balloon.

See the PvP page for details.

Slaying Wyverns

Player frozen by Ice Wyvern.
  • Besides being a method of transportation, the balloon ride offers a sort of minigame in Zardine, much like Rafting in Courcle.
  • Wyverns fly in the western side of Zardine. They will attack your balloon if you get close to them. You may use the balloon as your base to attack them in return. Note that the balloon has health of its own.
  • Wyverns may only be hit by Ranged Attacks, Magic, or Alchemy.
    • However, players using Magic or Alchemy may have a more difficult time as the Wyvern has to be on the same level or they can't hit.
  • Every Wyvern killed will add stars to your score. Return to Kelpie for your rewards.
    • There are three different type of wyverns, ice, lightning, and fire; each one uses only breath attacks of its element.
    • The more players you have in the balloon, the fewer stars each kill brings in, because they are divided equally among each player. However, it may be easier to hunt with more players.
  • The Wyverns with titles such as "the Hungry" give double the amount of stars as normal untitled ones.
  • If your balloon runs out of fuel, your hunting trip is over. If you enter another balloon, you sacrifice the stars you have earned up to that point.
  • If your balloon runs out of fuel, as it slowly crashes down, any aggroed or newly aggroed Wyverns may swoop down and attack.


  • The Wyverns tend to do drive-by breath attacks. The best time to shoot a Magnum Shot would be right as they come in to attack.
  • It may be prudent to have a player or two using the corresponding Magic Shield skills when the Wyverns swoop in.
  • You may also use the ballistae to shoot at the Wyverns. Better bolts can be obtained as a reward for hunting wyverns.
    • Generally, having decent ranged combat skills or chaincasted Firebolt is better than using the ballista.
    • Fully Chaincasted Firebolt is a very excellent way to take out Ice Wyverns and can do so in 1 to 2 hits with a decently ranked firebolt.
      • Note: In order to shoot your firebolt, your hot-air balloon needs to be higher than the Wyverns.
  • Advanced Magic and Demigod skills do not work on the Balloons.
  • A Large Balloon is easier to work with than a small one due to the ability to move around.
  • If things get rough, you may also use the Playing Dead action. However, their breath attacks have splash damage, so you may get knocked out of playing dead if a party mate is hit by it.
  • Remember that the balloon will continue on the path you've set it on when you stop steering. For a (relatively) safe escape when the balloon's HP is low, set it to fly away from the wyverns then use Playing Dead.
  • Another strategy could be wearing 9 pieces of equipment (2 Accessories, a Hat, Clothes, 2 Weapons (or weapon and shield) gloves, shoes, and a robe) enchanted with the element of the Wyvern you'll be fighting and then using magic to kill. Ex: Chaincasted firebolt on Ice Wyverns while wearing full ice gear thereby rendering the wyverns' damage to 1 while you can firebolt relatively safely. Be warned, Ice Wyverns can still freeze you.
    • Normally there's more than one, if not all three, types of wyverns in one area, so you might end up having extra damage dealt to you.
    • Because of the situation stated above, the full elemental tactic works best on areas that have a single species of Wyvern, such as the skies near Calida Camp.

Advice for Giants

  • If you play a giant, you'll be grounded to one ballista most of the time, and you won't have ranged attacks. During this time turn on auto-combat. It will aim and shoot for you and allows less effort with more output.
  • Giants are ideal here as healers using healing, feathers, and Party-Healing especially.
  • Giants, being less versatile/lethal on the balloon than their counter-parts, should just be willing to carry 2-3 stacks of flint and be the one to refuel when necessary.
  • Remember your beast mode - it increases damage even with ballista and even if you're just healing it can return enough HP to save your life and give a good chunk of mana to keep healing allies.

Note: No knowledge of if Fullswing can reach wyverns from balloon or not; in debate due to its huge reach.


  • Much like Rafting, your score will determine your rewards.
  • You'll always get the item in bold. You have a small chance to get the other items listed.
  • Partial stars are rounded down. ie. Half of a star = 0 star
  • An asterisk (*) indicates outdated EXP value
# of Small Stars # of Big Stars Gold Exploration
Item Set 1 Item Set 2
1~5 less than 1 460 g 410* Small Hot-air Balloon Kit x1
MP 10 Potion x5
Bandage x10
Small Hot-air Balloon Kit x1
Stamina 30 Potion x5
Ballista Bolts x30
6~10 between 1~2 1400 g 680* Ballista Bolts x10
Handmade Bandage x10
Enchant Scroll (Burst Soldier) x1
Thin Thread Ball x5
Handmade Bandage x10
Sunlight Herb x5
11~15 between 2~3 3000 g 890* Large Hot-air Balloon Kit x1
Base Herb x10
Bloody Herb x10
Thick Thread Ball x5
Handmade Ballista Bolts x30
Enchant Scroll (Mana Magician) x1
16~20 between 3~4 5480 g 1110* Wyvern Claw x1
Stamina 50 Potion x10
Snake's Gauntlet x1
Iron Ore x10
Large Hot-air Balloon Kit x1
Flint x2
21~25 between 4~5 7170 g 1310* Handmade Ballista Bolts x10
Fine Silk x1
Ancient Taming Cane x1
Iron Ore Fragment x10
Fine Handmade Ballista Bolts x30
Enchant Scroll (Poison Archer) x1
26~30 between 5~6 8790 g 2360 Wyvern Claw x2
Iron Ingot x10
Fine Handmade Bandage x10
Copper Ore Fragment x10
Finest Silk x1
Likeability Potion x1
31~35 between 6~7 10690 g 1810* Wyvern Claw x3
HP 50 Potion x10
Big Bird Feet Boots x1
Mandrake x10
MP 30 Potion x10
Silver Ore Fragment x10
36~40 between 7~8 12360 g 2060* Fine Handmade Ballista Bolts x10
Flint x5
Tikka Wood Taming Cane x1
Fine Leather x1
Enchant Scroll (Mana Witch) x1
Gold Ore Fragment x10
41~45 between 8~9 14500 g 3110 Wyvern Claw x4
Ring Bow x1
Mana Herb x10
MP 50 Potion x10
Finest Handmade Ballista Bolts x30
Wood Board x1
46~50 between 9~10 16050 g 3110 Wyvern Claw x5
Fine Fabric x1
Enchant Scroll (Poison Hunter) x1
HP 100 Potion x10
Finest Handmade Bandage x10
Finest Fabric x1
51+ more than 10 17810 g 4800 Finest Handmade Ballista Bolts x10
Poison Herb x10
Lightning Warrior's Helmet x1
Hebona Shoes x1
Thames Plate Boots x1
Golden Herb x10
Enchant Scroll (Burst Warrior) x1
Finest Leather x1
Arbalest x1

Related Titles

# Name Hint Description Hint Requirement Title Description Requirement(s) Effects
24 the Daring Hot-air Balloon Pilot (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Add fuel when the balloon is about to crash.

Note: Fuel must be added within the last second before the balloon completely runs out to earn the title, about 4 seconds after the fuel bar turns completely black.

MaxSP -30
Dex +10
Will +10
Int +5, Luck +5
Protection +3%
90 the Wyvern Hunter (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Turn in 1000 Wyvern Claws to Kelpie MaxHP +10
MaxMP +10
MaxSP -10
Str +20
Dex +20
Luck -15
Will -15