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A map of Emain Macha.

Emain Macha is a city which sits on the northern edge of Lake Sen in central Uladh. Famous for its magnificent art and architecture, the city was long ruled by the lord of Emain Macha.

The westerly sea wind from the east causes heavy rainfall over Dunbarton and subsequently loses most of its moisture content in Antrim Mountains. Then, the wind picks up additional water vapor from rivers surrounding Antrim Mountains and arrives in Emain Macha and Tara. Thus, the precipitation is uniform year-round. The pleasant climate also attributes to a growth of population and the size of the city.

Osna Sail on the east connects to the city of Dunbarton, while a path on the west leads to Tara.

The second largest cathedral in Uladh exists here, and functions as a major congregation of the Church of Lymirarks. A magic school formerly stood in the current location of Paladin training grounds, but it was closed under unknown circumstances.

Due to its balmy climate and high precipitation, Emain Macha exports corn in vast quantities.

Local NPCs

Portrait Name Occupation Location

|-style="text-align:center;" |Agnes.png
Agnes | Healer | Healer's House |-style="text-align:center;" |Ailionoa.png
Ailionoa | Tailor | Tailor |-style="text-align:center;" |Aodhan.png
Aodhan | Knight | Castle Stairs |-style="text-align:center;" |Beggar.png
Beggar | - | Town Square
(Slightly North) |-style="text-align:center;" |Del.png
Del | Florist | Town Square |-style="text-align:center;" |x80px
Dellen | Florist | Town Square |-style="text-align:center;" |Fraser.png
Fraser | Chef | Restaurant |-style="text-align:center;" |Galvin.png
Galvin | Shop Owner | General Shop |-style="text-align:center;" |Gordon.png
Gordon | Chef | Restaurant |-style="text-align:center;" |James.png
James | Priest | Cathedral
(Outside) |-style="text-align:center;" |Jocelin.png
Jocelin | Banker | Bank |-style="text-align:center;" |Lucas.png
Lucas | Nightclub Owner | Nightclub |-style="text-align:center;" |Nele.png
Nele | Musician | Town Square |-style="text-align:center;" |Osla.png
Osla | Weapons Dealer | Weapons Shop |-style="text-align:center;" |Rua.png
Rua | Singer | Nightclub
(Random Apperance) |-style="text-align:center;" |Shena.png
Shena | Waitress | Restaurant