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Upload a portrait for Bryce
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Manager
Location Bangor
Part-time Job None
Repair None

Bryce is the manager of the Bangor branch of Erskin Bank, the largest financial institution in Erinn. Contrary to the other men in this town who are always dirty and sweaty, Bryce was once the branch manager in Emain Macha but relocated here with Ibbie due to some business problems. His eyes carry a hint of sorrow, perhaps because of his sick daughter, or his deceased wife, or even because of his current situation at this countryside. But one thing for sure is that people trust him for his thorough and meticulous work. All he has is one small warehouse, yet he does all his bank work faithfully there.

Knowing his difficult situation, it might make you hesitant to trust his service; however, you don't need to worry. Bryce knows how to separate his personal life from his work life.

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