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|occupation=Blacksmith<br>in training
|location=Blacksmith's Shop
|location=Blacksmith's Shop

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A map of Bangor.

Bangor is a mining town located in the southernmost fringe of Antrim Mountains. It is most distinguished by the red soil and towering cliffs.

Since of a layer of sea wind from the east which is forced over the mountain ranges, Foehn wind is created. This makes for an extremely arid climate and a very high average annual maximum temperature. Rainfall is also short due to its geographical position.

The iron-rich red soil, high in acidity, has prevented any development of agriculture in the region. Natural resources, however, is plentiful and mining is a dominant industry in Bangor. While a past invasion of Fomors once threatened Bangor's only means of supporting its infrastructure, a movement towards reconstruction of the town's former glory has been noted.

The aftermath of the invasion has forced most of Bangor's young population to move out to the mains, and outsiders now maintain the otherwise faltering mining industry.

A path leading to Osna Sail exists, and for this reason there is a lot of foot traffic.

A well provides the town's only source of drinking water, as no streams or rivers run past Bangor. Refinement of metals is done using groundwater from a local watermill.

Local NPCs

Portrait Name Occupation Location

|-style="text-align:center;" |Bryce.png
Bryce | Banker | Bank |-style="text-align:center;" |Comgan.png
Comgan | Priest | Church |-style="text-align:center;" |Edern.png
Edern | Blacksmith | Blacksmith's Shop |-style="text-align:center;" |Elen.png
Elen | Blacksmith
in training | Blacksmith's Shop |-style="text-align:center;" |Gilmore.png
Gilmore | General Store Worker | General Store |-style="text-align:center;" |Ibbie.png
Ibbie | - | Northern Hill |-style="text-align:center;" |x80px
Jenifer | Bartender | Pub |-style="text-align:center;" |Riocard.png
Riocard | Waiter | Pub |-style="text-align:center;" |Sion.png
Sion | Watermill Operator | Outside Mine