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Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill)

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Portrait of Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill)
Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill)
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Guard
Location North of Healer's House
For the original NPC, see Altam.


A young man with tousled hair stares back at you with confident turquoise eyes.
His earnestness and lack of guile give you the sense that he's a trustworthy individual.


NPC Maps - Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill).png


  • Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill) main dialogue
  • A young man with tousled hair stares back at you with confident turquoise eyes.
    His earnestness and lack of guile give you the sense that he's a trustworthy individual.
  • (Although he's wearing completely different clothes, you recognize him right away.)
  • W-wow! It's really you! I've heard so many great things about you, <player>!
    What can I help you with?
Start a Conversation
Start a Conversation
  • Huh...? Oh! H-hey there, <player>! You know, I've heard all the stories of your amazing exploits.
    When it comes to valiant heroism, there's no one greater, in my humble opinion!
Start a Conversation
  • Huh...? O-oh! Hi there, <player>! What brings you all the way out here?
    I have nothing to offer you at the moment, but if you like, I could climb that tree and pick a fruit for you...
  • Oh! You don't have to decline out of modesty or anything.
    But still... You're <player>, so whatever you decide, I'm okay with.
  • Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill) Basic Conversation Keywords
Keyword Dialogue
Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill)
Private Story
  • Ah... I have a favor to ask. It'd mean the world to me if we could go clear the Cave of Trails together.
  • Ah! You're curious about me? Um...what should I tell you first?
  • Okay, so, ever since I was a child...
    Oh, s-sorry! I got too excited.
  • Uh... This is just between you and me, okay, <player>?
    There are others beside me who guard this town and keep it safe.
    Although their day-to-day attire might suggest otherwise, they stand ever at the ready to respond to any emergency.
  • That's all I can tell you, though.
    I'm sorry, <player>.
  • Whoa! You're curious about me, <player>?
    What should I tell you first?
  • Okay, so... Aside from the time I spend asleep, I spend most of my time protecting the town.
    Chief Talvish gave me this important post, and I mean to defend it, whatever it takes.
Nearby Rumors
  • I guess the advertising for this year's town festival was a big success. Lots of adventurers have come to visit.
    To be honest, I never imagined that I'd get to see you here int he flesh, <player>!
    I hope lots of people keep coming and enjoying our festival.
  • Oh, you're talking about skills? I'm afraid there's not much I cant each you.
  • You're already so strong, <player>, and I'm sure you must be just as smart as you are strong--and experienced, besides.
    I doubt that anything that I can say would be that useful. But still, if it would help even a teensy-weensy bit...
  • (You manage to clam the panicked Altam and reassure him that everything is a-okay.)
Part-Time Jobs
  • Wait, what? Why would you be interest in some random Part-Time Job, <player>?
    You, the famous adventurer? That's just nonsense.
  • I don't know why you'd need to take on a Part-Time Job, but if you're really in need, I'd be willing to run errands in your place!
    Oh... you were only asking out of curiosity? As it so happens, no one can take on
    Part-Time Jobs during the festival, since it's already hectic enough in town as it is.
Classes and Training
  • -
  • Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill) Intermediate Conversation Keywords
Keyword Dialogue
Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill)
General Shop
  • You mean the General Shop? It's just down this road.
    What do you need? I'll go and buy it for you and be right back in a jiffy!
  • Ah...On the second thought, I suppose I probably ought to stick to guarding my post.
    Maybe next time I'll be able to help out!
Grocery Store
  • You must be hungry! Hang on, I'll climb this tree and pick a fruit for you...
  • Oh... You're talking about the location?
    You should see it right there, when you follow this road and reach the Town Square.
Healer's House
  • Oh! Have you had a chance to meet Pihne?
    She's super friendly, and really goes all-out with her healing treatments.
    Word on the streets is that she's hearing weird noises in her ears these days...
    I think she's just tired from throwing all her energy into her work.
  • It's best to take a long and cozy nap at the Inn when you're overtired, <player>.
    Avelin works there, and I'm sure she'll take great care of you.
    Llywelyn, on the other hand... Well, I think he's more interested in books than in people.
  • Have you had a chance to meet Cai at the Bank?
    When I first saw Cai, I thought he'd come to defend the town, just like I did.
    But soon after arriving, he decided to take charge of the Bank.
    Threw me for quite a loop, actually.
Blacksmith Shop
  • Jenna repairs the weapons for you at the Blacksmith's Shop.
    The truth is, Jenna isn't the most skilled with the trade; at least not yet.
    That's why I do most of my own repairs myself using Repair Kits.
    But I wouldn't want Jenna to feel discouraged if she found out about that, so...
    Promise me you won't whisper a word of this to her, <player>!
  • -
Town Square
  • This road leads to the Town Square. That's precisely why I have to stay here and keep watch.
    I can't have some wild animal running past and raising havoc in the Town Square.
  • -
  • -
  • -
Adelia Stream
  • -
Chief's House
  • Are you looking for Chief Talvish? He's a wise, strong man, and here been here in this town the longest.
    I'm sure he'll have a lot of info that you'll find useful, <player>.
  • You'll find the Church by going around towards the Bank, to the South.
    I pass by during my town patrol sometimes,
    and I often hear Cleric Akule making weird voices inside the Church.
    Sometimes I wonder what's going on in there...
  • Tarlach and Ruairi, the Magic and Swordfighting instructors, are usually at the School.
    I sometimes catch a glimpse of Ruairi training, and it's really something to see.
  • B-but of course I think you're even better, <player>!
  • Oh I'm given to understand that a famous chef called the Culinary Artist came to the festival.
    I've yet to meet him, so I can't help tell you where he might be now.
    I'm sorry, <player>.
  • You should try asking the others.
Weapons Shop
  • The Weapons Shop is managed by Jenna, who runs the Blacksmith's Shop.
    I can't leave my post, but whenever I get the chance, I'll at least let Avelin know
    that you're in need of some smithing, since she's nearby and all.
Clothing Shop
  • -
  • -
Town Office
  • -
  • The Graveyard is located between Chief Talvish's house and Pihne's Healer's House.
    The Graveyard is where our ancestors are laid to rest, you see.
    Chief Talvish himself frequently checks in on it, but Pihne, Caswyn,
    Avelin, Llywelyn, and myself also tend to the place sometimes.
  • Altam (Storybook Tir Chonaill) Idle quotes
  • Oh geez... What should I do? I forgot to deliver this to Pihne...
  • Ugh... I stayed up too late last night training, and now the sandman's got me in his sights...
  • Zzz ZZZ... N-no!


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