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Ace Doll Bag Gift Box

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Ace Doll Bag Gift Box


Got all the Doll Bags you need? The Ace Doll Bag Gift Box is here with seven brand new ACE Doll Bags, top quality dolls to gather items for you and store them until you need them. And if you know someone that'd want the Doll Bag that you get, grab an Empty Doll Bag Storage Chest to trade it to them! [1]

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Ace Doll Bag Gift Box

2 × 2


Name Ace Doll Bag Gift Box
Description This magical box contains one of a variety of special doll bags, including the dolls designed to look like Ace heroes. Get your hands on a bag that will summon your very own Ace hero, and never be without your favorite dolls again!
Sold By None NPC Resale Value  ? G
Obtained From
  • Item Shop (Limited Time availability from Jun. 8, 2017 - Jun. 21, 2017 for 4,900 NX)
  • Can also be bought from the Web Shop for 13,800 NX for 3 or 22,000 NX for 5.