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Forum - Pages with Incorrect item names

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Overview > Mabinogi World Wiki > Help & Reports > Pages with Incorrect item names

I've come across a few pages where the item page was initially created with the incorrect name.

It takes a lot of manual work to correct this:

- the item

- all pages (gachas, shoppingbags, sources) linking into this item

- images (base, equipped, animated, gallery)

- designer set pages

- eluned links

Kada mentioned that staff might have a more efficient way to deal with this.

Already done by me (left a pile of moved pages for deletion in my wake):

Count Cookie Suit -> Count Cookie Suit (M)

Sweet Gingerman -> Sweet Gingerman Mini-Gem

Savory Gingerman -> Savory Gingerman Mini-Gem

Buttery Gingerman -> Buttery Gingerman Mini-Gem

Crispy Gingerman -> Crispy Gingerman Mini-Gem

Cessair's Commander Boots -> Cessair Commander Boots

To be done:

(Following wiki pages I believe were created with the wrong item name to start)

Macaron Mistress Shoes -> Macaron Mistress Shoes (F)

Macaron Mistress Dress -> Macaron Mistress Dress (F)

Macaron Mistress Hat -> Macaron Mistress Hat (F)

Count Cookie Shoes -> Count Cookie Shoes (M)

Count Cookie Hat -> Count Cookie Hat (M)

Cessair's Commander Gloves -> Cessair Commander Gloves

Cessair's Commander Outfit -> Cessair Commander Outfit

(Following items were introduced with one name, wiki page created, then the item name was changed in a later patch)

Talvish Armor -> Talvish's Armor

Talvish Gauntlets -> Talvish's Gauntlets

Talvish Greaves -> Talvish's Greaves

Altam Armor -> Altam's Armor

Altam Gauntlets -> Altam's Gauntlets

Altam Greaves -> Altam's Greaves

Avelin Armor -> Avelin's Armor

Avelin Gauntlets -> Avelin's Gauntlets

Avelin Greaves -> Avelin's Greaves

Posted by Ritsujin on 24 July 2019 at 17:03.
Edited by Ritsujin on 24 July 2019 at 17:04.

More items with incorrect names:

(Incorrect/currently named) -> (Correct name)

Avelin Homestead Figure -> Avelin Figure

Altam Homestead Figure -> Altam Figure

Caswyn Homestead Figure -> Caswyn Figure

Pihne Homestead Figure -> Pihne Figure

Talvish Homestead Figure -> Talvish Figure

Llywelyn Homestead Figure -> Llywelyn Figure

Saber Bag -> Saber Bag (8x8)

Archer Bag -> Archer Bag (8x8)

Rin Tohsaka Bag -> Rin Tohsaka Bag (8x8)

Illyasviel Bag -> Illyasviel Bag (8x8)

Posted by Ritsujin on 1 August 2019 at 14:55.
Edited by Ritsujin on 1 August 2019 at 14:55.

Sat down to do some but only took care of Macaron Mistress Shoes (F) for now. Have to run but I'll edit this post if I do more later!

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 15 August 2019 at 17:13.