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Been chatting with people on Discord every now and then about wiki projects and I just wanted to take some time to summarize things.

As you may have noticed, Mabinogi World is a lot more than just a wiki! We offer lots of different tools and APIs for the benefit of the community and we're always looking for more ways to serve.

What types of projects you may wonder?

The front page, which I'm sure you've seen, was designed and largely implemented by Yai. The components that make it up, however, were separate projects. This includes the server status and shadow missions projects whose algorithms were largely deciphered by Xcelled194 and the weather forecast's by TFC. Eventually, the timer system, adapted from the work of Kakurady, will make its way there as well.

These sorts of large-scale projects are important to the vitality of the Mabinogi community and are indeed a high calling! If you might be so inclined I will happily be a reference on your resume for contributing to many of these projects. I may even be willing to pay you real money depending on the project. These are both things that I have done before for the wiki and am honored to continue the practice. Not only that, but I can offer my support for your own project(s) in terms of contributing, guidance, tutoring, or hosting. (I am a professional developer with degrees Cool, so I'm capable of offering stuffs you may not have had before I guess?)

So how do you get in on this sweet deal?? You just have to pick up one of these cool projects (or contribute your own entirely)!! The catch is, I'm not gonna be a reference for you if you're just editing the wiki, cause that much is expected of everyone (and it's not really a skill that helps with working?), so it does have to be like programming, designing, drawing, or what have you.

Works in Progress

We have a GitHub organization for Mabinogi World where we host our programming projects.

For anything that's not on GitHub, you can't really just pick it up and go. Come talk to me about where you can help, please!

  • Timers (github)
    • Credits:
    • Needs refactoring, possibly timezone-related fixes.
    • Pure JavaScript. Expert level.
  • Template editor (github)
  • Homestead designer (github)
    • Credits: Kadalyn
    • Some work to be done here.
    • Pure JavaScript for the moment. Likely mid to expert level work.
  • Daily trade goods
    • Credits: Xcelled194
    • This is NDA-level stuff, so I probably won't be accepting any help in finishing it.
  • Nao-tan (github)
    • Credits: Kadalyn
    • This is our IRC bot that's not running right now cause no one uses IRC.
    • However I would like to refactor this a bit and add a Discord module to it so that it can also be a Discord bot.
    • After that, it can have some schnazzy natural language wiki search interface stuff? The dream.. Warm
    • Although a bit complex in design, the coding is relatively simple. It's all in Node.JS
  • See any WikiForum bugs that need fixing here
    • Depending on the bug, you can also submit the fix to the official branch of WikiForum on your own. But I've diverged from it enough that I don't want to submit stuff back, myself. Can help you tho.
  • You can always find more projects and info in this forum section, too!


  • Semantic MediaWiki migration
    • This involves making whatever changes to our various templates and data systems.
    • Also, one can make forms for these using Semantic Forms.
      • There's an enchant one at the moment but I'm not sure it will work for our data style?
    • Lots of researching and tons of work!!
    • This currently has a bounty of over $100!! Check it out on our Patreon! (Look for the month summary/reports posts.)
  • Marketplace / Auction system
    • Lots of ideas and design for this in my head, nothing written down. We can talk!
    • Probably mostly Python work, maybe some PHP.
    • Obviously there's a web front-end, too (HTML, JS, CSS)
    • eBay is the de facto design principles for auction sites. They really have it down.
  • Character profiles system
    • Replace people using their user pages lol? (Maybe an embed on your user page option tho?)
    • Something like WoW Armory or kukulu's system.
    • Do not care what language you use, as long as it runs naturally on Linux and is maintainable.
      • Or you could also host it yourself I guess? We could work out an OpenID wiki login thing for it?
  • Automatic data template updater bot
    • Done some mild work on this in Python, nothing too committed yet really.
  • Tweet the daily SMs to our twitter
    • We will have to host this, for obvious reasons, so it has to be Linux-friendly.
  • Comment system
    • Needs some planning and stuff
    • Nikomis did a minimized styling for the posts I can share/use, too.
  • More guides! Particularly for beginners!! And a thing on the front page for it.
    • No resume references for this, likely.
  • New Lorna & Pan machinimas (YouTube playlist of current ones)
    • These would cover the new mechanics since the last episode
    • Voice actors should be similar to old ones
    • Should continue the old storyline as best it can, perhaps a "coming back from hiatus" trope tho.
    • I can only really help with writing and maybe play one of the chars in game (not voice)?
  • New emotes
    • Current emotes were done by Yai.
    • I would like some that represent the likeability level emotes from training squires, in the same style as the current ones.
    • Other suggestions are okay too, best if kept Mabi-related though?
  • Christmas upgradeable homestead icons
    • The Christmas Tree, Christmas Wreath, and Rudolf do not have official icons
    • Please draw some unofficial ones!
    • There's a similar icon to the wreath, Rosewreath.png
      • but the colours should be in the style of Homestead Christmas Arch.png
    • You only need to do one stage of each, but doing all the stages would be ideal! (They are technically different items, after all.)
  • Name pronunciation guide (with audio?)
    • IPA and audio? on the various pages. NPCs, places, etc.
    • I can write the IPA if you pronounce it for me.
    • A general guide for Irish/Welsh phonotactics and how to identify which words are Irish, which are Welsh, and which words are spelled wrong would be awesome but probably impractical?
Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 16 February 2018 at 15:49.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 7 September 2018 at 16:33.

I can work on Marketplace / Auction System!

Posted by Atomicstorm on 22 February 2018 at 23:24.

Are you in the Discord? Pie and I have been discussing it in #technology quite a bit.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 23 February 2018 at 08:42.

So I just updated things here a bit, but I also want to post some notices. We're now running a bounty system on our Patreon where patrons can pledge toward different tasks being done. Some tasks will be a proper bounty (you're paid the entire sum in full for completing it) and some tasks will be repeatable (you're paid some of the sum based on a standard and agreed-upon adjustments to it, rather than the full thing).

  • Over here is a thread I've posted on the official forums about doing NPC art for the NPCs who don't have official art.
    • This is a payout of $30/piece (negotiable). NPC will be selected by patrons. See linked thread and our Patreon for details.
  • The other bounty right now is for studying Semantic Mediawiki and implementing the changes we need to make enchants easy to add, edit, and (in a way) search.
    • You will be paid a % of the full bounty in accordance with your contributions to creating the system. If you are the only contributor, you will receive the full bounty as it stands at the time of completion.
    • I plan to send you the money via PayPal to the email address you signed up/contribute the changes with. So please add one.
      • If your PayPal address is different, you can add this address to your current PayPal account somehow.
    • This is currently over $100 and rising quickly.
Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 7 September 2018 at 16:45.