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Forum - Automated repair costs

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Mostly Rydian figured out the repair cost formula for us, hurray!!

So I added a bunch of templates to show them automatically on the pages.

The Repair90 arguments still exist as overrides so I removed all of them for now. If any calculation is incorrect or non-existent you can use them to force a correct value (like in Brionac). Every Light Armor we checked was incorrect and a few values from items that can be purchased at discounted rates.

The Repairs argument has been completely removed.

This affects both Template:StyleWeapon and Template:StyleEquip of course.

The added templates are Template:RepairCost and its sub-template, the tables (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9), Template:RepairTableFromCategory, and the style template Template:StyleRepairCost and its sub-template.

If anything is wrong let us know! If you see ?s the item may be missing its Category or BuyPrice (or may just need a More -> Refresh). If you're double checking things, make sure your version of the item is the default price one (eg. 1500 for dagger). Usually it's the version that the most people sell. Of course if it's not sold by anyone there's no such worry.

The actual formula is as follows:

B = BuyPrice * A
Repair Cost = floor(5 / sqrt(floor(Original Durability / 1000)) * (B + min(B, C)))

A and B are variables dependent on the item type and the success rate of the repair, they're what are defined in those tables. The tables return the costs for 90 to 100%. I'll add documentation on the templates eventually but I literally spent half my day writing those and I don't want to right now (I have mission points to get).

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 25 July 2017 at 20:59.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 27 July 2017 at 00:16.

Well for now there's a list here that's relatively readable. But what cost table is used is a lot more complicated. I'd say it'd be best to use the template tool but the support for equipment is pretty poor right now.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 19 August 2017 at 04:13.

It seems that in the Milky Way Cello template, the important part of the |Category= was "/tool/" to show the correct Repair costs, and "/misc_repairable/" to show the correct Repair type ("Miscellaneous" for the Milky Way Cello) and all the applicable Repair %s. /equip/ and /twohand/ and all the others don't appear to make any difference to the Repair costs for the Milky Way Cello, which is what I was focusing on in this instance.

Seems the order in which the |Category= parameters are listed is also important in some cases. For the MW Cello, it doesn't appear to matter if /tool/ or /misc_repairable/ is first. But for the Earth Cylinder* Repair section to show up properly it seems that /weapon/ must appear before /inverse_transmutator/. The /cylinder_repairable/ part can appear before or after those two (but not between), so that leads to the conclusion that /weapon/inverse_transmutator/ is treated as a single unit. How the heck are we supposed to know that?

Which then leads me to Template:RepairTableFromCategory and now things make more sense. o3o Well, relatively.

TL;DR See, kids? Trial and error and eventually you answer your own questions orz

*Same for Roll Cake Cylinder, in case being Egoable had somehow made a difference.
**From a non-programmer point of view, attempting to figure out embedded codes can be tough o_o;

Posted by Elide on 19 August 2017 at 18:22.

Yeah the category string is complicated but it's kind of impossible to simplify well like I did for the other things.

The order is basically

but tailor doesn't have a repairable tag.

Fomor weapons have their own complexities too, sometimes shields indicate the shape after the type, and a bunch of other stuff. But yeah, the type (including equip, handedness, and slot) affect what cost table is selected while the repairable tag or lack thereof determines where to repair it.

For something like the Cello which is technically a weapon, the template tool works fine, so you can give that a shot. (Except it doesn't autoselect combobox entries yet ;A;)

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 19 August 2017 at 21:40.

This is very minor but the repair 100% repair cost for a Pickaxe is 323g per point yet its listed 332g per point. Just a little mixup but i try to update the wiki anytime i see something missing and i dont understand how to enter repair values with this new formula stuff so.....

Posted by Vaida678 on 20 August 2017 at 11:39.



Repair costs partially depend on the initial purchase price of an item.

If you bought the pickaxe from Elen (who sells them slightly cheaper), the repair costs will be slightly cheaper.

We might want to make the note on repair prices always displayed instead of only on hover...

Posted by Rydian on 20 August 2017 at 20:51.
Edited by Rydian on 20 August 2017 at 20:57.

It seems a lot more instruments were screwed up so I went ahead and fixed all of them.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 23 August 2017 at 18:32.

This is just minor, but the "Legendary" Fomor weapons seem to have their repair costs displayed in Gold (G) rather than Ducats (D), despite correctly recognizing them as Fomor repair.

Regular Fomor weapons seem fine though.

And you can totally ignore this post because I just fixed it, yasss~

Posted by Snowie on 24 August 2017 at 01:22.
Edited by Snowie on 24 August 2017 at 06:14.
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