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Gender Female
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Total Level Hardmode (3500+)
Current Talent
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Mainstream Quests
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The Saga: Iria
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The Saga: Iria II
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Hello There

Uh, hi. I might change this someday once I figure out how to get a neat and super awesome User Page like some of the other users here, but for the time being this will have to do.

  • Hooray! It has been done! All credit goes to the original genius(es) behind the template at the side.

Hello there. I am Neisys of the Mari server. I'm generally in Channel 2 and all over Uladh and Iria in a day, so it's likely that you may have seen me.

When I'm not doing dailies I'm generally Cooking, running around and enjoying the scenery, starting campfires in the middle of nowhere, and trying to make sense of the game's nonsensical lore. I'm also an avid reader of MabiNovels. (Yay? :D)

The continent of Iria forever holds a special place in my heart. I suppose with that known it should be no surprise that The Saga: Iria and The Saga: Iria II are by far my most favorite storylines.

I realize that it's the small things this game has that other MMOs don't keeping me playing. (For now... =0)

Other than that, outside of the world of Erinn I enjoy cooking, baking, writing, and role-playing on an online forum.

Wiki Activity

So far I've made only minor edits here (and I imagine it will more than likely stay that way)--mainly by cleaning up spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. As of current I'm hoping to continue to patch up most of the basic Keyword pages (such as Restaurant, Inn, Blacksmith Shop, etc.) since they look pretty messy right now. x_X