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April 13th, 2017 - May 23rd, 2017
Returning Bonus Event advertisement


2017 has been a strong year for Mabinogi, and as we move towards summer and the massive updates to come, we're inviting back some of our old players with a new event tuned for them! Let your old friends know and invite them to check out the details below! [1]


  • Accounts that have not logged into Mabinogi for 60 days will receive a quest to visit Homecoming Bash Caravan Joe in Dunbarton and receive a Marvel-Grow Supply Box.
    • Note: The Returning Bonus Event will only be available for the character you first log in with.
  • Use the Supply Box and select a weapon type to receive a powerful Demonic weapon and a Marvel-Grow Supply Box Stage 2.
  • After gaining 200 Levels, the box will unlock and can be used to upgrade the weapon and claim the next stage of upgrades.
  • Continue gaining levels and upgrading your weapon, requiring another 200 Levels to reach Stage 3, 200 more Levels to reach Stage 4 and a final 500 Levels to reach Stage 5!
  • Boxes will remain active and usable until Thursday, July 12th, so long as returning users claimed their first box by Tuesday, May 23rd. Weapons will not be removed at that point.

Weapon Rewards

Supply Box Upgrades

  • Box 1: Rewards the initial weapon.
  • Box 2: Gain a Booster Package, containing items useful for powering up the associated talent skills.
  • Box 3: Full Upgrade, with multiple weapon enhancements (upgrades and replaces the previously rewarded weapon).
  • Box 4: Reforge, further upgrading with weapon with a powerful, skill specific boost (upgrades and replaces the previously rewarded weapon).
  • Box 5: Gives a +5 Special Upgrade to the weapon (upgrades and replaces the previously rewarded weapon).