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Holy Shower

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Fire Storm.png
A light that shines down from the heavens when the Pegasus is summoned. This holy light inflicts damage on nearby enemies while undoing the following effects on the player: Ice, Burn, Petrification, and Poison.


  • Possessed only by Pegasus and Perseus.
  • When summoned, a shower of holy energy surrounds the pet, damaging and stunning nearby enemies while curing the owner from frozen state, Petrification, Poison, and Bloody Duke.
    • Does not activate if the pet is unconscious prior to summoning.
  • Although this is a magic skill, it deals a melee hit and triggers Heavy Stander rather than Mana Deflector.
  • The range of effect is 900.
  • Can attack enemies through obstacles and walls.
  • Enabling Mini Effects causes the skill's effects to become invisible.