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Giant Overhaul Event

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August 3rd, 2017 - August 30th, 2017
Giant Overhaul Advertisement


Winter is near in Physis and the giants are stomping up a storm, because Giant Overhaul is here. Revamped skills, new weapons, and new equipment is what every giant is excited for.[1]


  • All current active accounts will receive a Premium Giant Character Card.
  • Log in and receive a quest to talk to Gulliver Joe in Tir Chonaill or Dunbarton Square.
  • Complete the quest, Gulliver's Babbles, to register a Giant main character.
  • You will receive a Giant Memorial Gem from completing the quest, Baby Steps to Giant Growth, and talking to Gulliver Joe.
  • You will receive a different staged Giant Growth Kit from Gulliver Joe for every 100 levels gained on a Giant Character.
  • Higher staged boxes (Stage 3-5) will contain Ace items, like transformation medals, outfits, and badges.
  • The gem can be used to raise the current or another character's level depending on the grade of the gem.
  • After opening each box, talk to Gulliver Joe to upgrade the Giant Memorial Gem. The Gem must be upgraded to open the next box.
    • Stage 1: Levels up any character to Level 20
    • Stage 2: Levels up any character to Level 50
    • Stage 3: Levels up any character to Level 90
    • Stage 4: Levels up any character to Level 140
    • Stage 5: Levels up any character to Level 200