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Basic Information

  • Wings are aesthetic items that can be worn in the "Robe" slot of the inventory.
  • They provide no Defense or Protection.
  • Unlike robes, they do not replace the player's equipped "Clothing" slot.
  • They cannot be upgraded, enchanted, or reforged.
  • When worn in the Style tab, a robe can be worn alongside without being hidden; both the robe and the wings will be shown concurrently.
    • This only applies if no other Style tab items are worn other than the Wings.
    • This does not apply if the wings are in the normal equipment tab.
  • Demigod's transparent white wings will mask over any equipment wings.
  • Wearing some types of wings will grant the wearer the Spread Wings action.

See Wings List for more detailed comparisons.
For Wings that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Future Wings.

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