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Basic Information

  • Missiles are Arrows, Bolts, Javelins, and Ballista Bolts, and Mana Bullets that are fired by weapons such as Bows, Crossbows, Atlatls, Ballistas, and Dual Guns, respectively.
  • Missiles are ammunition needed to use most of their respective weapon's skills.
    • All Missiles except for Mana Bullets are equipped on the left-hand slot.
    • All Missiles except for Mana Bullets consume one ammo per shot.
  • Above the skill is a number indicating how much ammo the player has.
    • The ammo count's color turns red once the player has 20 ammo or less.
    • The message "You're running out of arrows." or "You have 10 arrows left" will appear once the ammo count reaches to ten.
  • Bullets can be stored in an Ecology Specimen Bag or a Hillwen Engineering Bag.

For a comparison chart, see Missiles List.
For missiles that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Future Weapons.