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Arat Crystal

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Inventory icon of Arat Crystal

1 × 1
Stack: 50

A crystal occasionally found in the Shadow Realm. What could this be used for?

Used In


For more information about Arat Crystal Synthesis, go here.

Flame Burst

Synthesized Violet

  1. Synthesize White violet.
    1. Synthesis Rate is 99%.
    2. Recipe : Violet 1 + Arat Crystal 1 + White Herb 1

Methods to Obtain

Monster Drops

What Where
Shadow Wizard (M)
(Intermediate, Advanced)
Fomor Attack
Shadow Wizard (Boss)
(Intermediate, Advanced)
Defeat the Shadow Wizard
Shadow Commander
(Intermediate, Advanced, Hard)
Defeat Fomor Commander I
Defeat Fomor Commander II
Battle for Taillteann I
Battle for Taillteann II
Dark Commander
(Intermediate, Advanced)
Lingering Darkness
Enemy Behind
Dark Commander (Strong)
Fomor Attack
(Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Hard)
Shadow Cast City


NPC Shops

Who Where Cost
Trade Assistant Imp Tir Chonaill 4,000 Ducats for 1

40,000 Ducats for 10

Emain Macha
Port Cobh
Commonwealth of Belvast